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    Hey Gies, seems as though I havent posted anything is almost a year.
    I’d like to mention some of my old mods as I won’t be playing midnight club II much more this year.

    So here it is, my first look into making an initial D mod – The Mount Akina race map converted from GTA San Andreas.
    I might turnout a further release of the mod(when it’s finished) However the version 1.0 beta is downloadable from various sites, heres the youtube link with download link.


    A scratch version of Usui which I made all by myself.


    Heres the video me and TheBestBrNick made. I am Kiwi the driver ^^


    Heres some photos.
    [attachment=2:165fuqc1]mc2 2011-02-18 17-14-39-90.png[/attachment:165fuqc1]
    [attachment=1:165fuqc1]mc2 2011-08-28 14-48-46-18.jpg[/attachment:165fuqc1]
    [attachment=0:165fuqc1]mc2 2010-11-15 16-15-06-54.jpg[/attachment:165fuqc1]

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