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    MODern Meow

    Hello Guys,

    I’m as WTF as you all are about MODern Gamers disappearance. Without any reason or contact from EDGENetwork our website went offline.

    MODern Gamers website was hosted in the same webspace(modern.clanned.net) as many http://www.clanned.net websites which are all offline too. Damn!

    So my guess is that the server is dead. Fair enough, I guess it was an old computer…

    I’m trying to contact edgenetwork to see what I can do and still no response.

    I’ve found some old forum backups from 6 months before deletion of our stuff. Well the backup was only the database so we don’t have our file attachments.

    Sorry for all the users that registered in the past year and couldn’t be recovered.

    If you guys have some of the files that are missing like tools for modding for example, please send to my email meow@moderngamers.com

    Good luck for us.


    Ives aka MODern Meow


    MODern Meow

    The full version of Midnight Club 2: MODern Edition is now available for download, allowing you to enjoy this mod for Midnight Club 2, the illegal street racing game by Rockstar Games. The mod has all cars with a more attractive visual, since new rims till spoilers. It is free, but will require the original game. Check full article for details.

    Full details and download: http://www.moderngamers.com/mc2-modern-edition

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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